Facebook Stories

Being a leader on the Facebook Stories Core Backend team, I have directly built some of the core infrastructure and products on the surface. These include, story replies, reactions, reply suggestions, sticker feedback and many more. Since its inception as a product, Facebook Stories have scaled from a few thousand users to 2+ billion monthly active users and scaling these products with such explosive growth has been a great learning experience


I've interviewed over 250 candidates at Facebook, across roles like Coding, System Design and Behavioral for Engineers, Managers and Technical Product Managers. I've mentored about 150 new joiners to the company, either directly as their mentor or indirectly as a coach for their mentors. Additionally, I've been an Intern Manager for 2 interns

Risk Management

During my 4 years in the Financial Industry, at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, I contributed to the systems that keep credit risk within the strict regulations, post the Financial Crisis of 2008. Products that I worked on: Credit Capital Management, Credit Exposure Calculations, Risk Stress Tests, Counterparty Risk Management and Basel 3 Risk Framework compliance. During this time, I got to learn from some of the worlds best Risk Managers. This work was especially impactful, due to the effects on managing systemic risk to the firms, and by extension, to the Global economy